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Discover all you need to know about betting with bitcoin at online casino sites and where to find the cool Luckbox 2020.

Luckbox BitCoin

Luckbox does not currently hold any offer for Luckbox bitcoin, but you can come back to this review to find all the latest updates.

Luckbox is an online platform dedicated to eSports betting for customers looking to make wagers using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is designed to be a welcoming, safe environment for eSports fans to relax and enjoy their shared passion for gaming, making bets in traditional or virtual currencies (like Luckbox bitcoin).

Luckbox BitCoin

Luckbox will include an eSports-themed casino, providing a more diverse range of betting options, combining traditional online games with the growing world of professional gaming.

Luckbox Bitcoin Details

Find all the Luckbox bitcoin details in the table below.

LuckboxDetailsLuckbox Bitcoin T&Cs
Luckbox Bitcoin BonusTBA18+, Terms apply
Bitcoin currency acceptedYes18+, Terms apply
Casino sectionTBA18+, Terms apply
Luckbox mobile appTBA18+, Terms apply
Luckbox bonus code 2020Get the code!18+, Terms apply

LuckBox eSports Betting

Video games have come a long, long way since the days of pong. Today’s dedicated gamers not only love to immerse themselves in their favourite games, but more and more are spending their time watching others compete against each other too.

Professional teams take part in numerous eSports events every year, going head to head with others in the hopes of scooping the prizes.

LuckBox Registration

The world of eSports has gotten so popular and valuable, online sportsbooks host eSports betting for players around the world. Luckbox is an upcoming platform based around eSports exclusively, catering to fans who want to try their luck on all of the most important eSports competitions, as well as at an eSports-themed casino.

However, the Luckbox eSports betting platform will stand out through the sheer diversity of its betting options: customers have the freedom to make wagers in numerous types of currency, including the most cutting-edge cryptocurrencies, like Luckbox Bitcoin.

The Luckbox founders have a self-described passion for eSports, combined with years of vital experience working within the betting industry. This time spent in the sector has equipped them with invaluable knowledge in crafting a platform catering to true eSports fans.

Though Luckbox is due to launch later this year, this platform is already coming together beautifully enough to generate major excitement among eSports fans – and it looks to be truly revolutionary.

How is Luckbox Unique?

The Luckbox team is committed to making their platform the most welcoming, most homely environment for fans of eSports online, and have designed it to be as engaging as possible. It’s vital for anyone looking to bet solely on eSports to enjoy the same protection that customers at other sports betting sites do.

It will be regulated for the utmost safety and security, and set up to target a global demographic of eSports fans. The platform boasts the ‘highest levels’ of player protection, and will evolve to be a bustling community of like-minded members in years to come.

The Luckbox eSports betting platform is set-up to be a much-needed solution to the problem of certain eSports betting sites operating illegally without the proper licensing and regulations (and, as a result, risking members’ funds).

Luckbox will have apps downloadable through the Apple Store and Google Play, complying with the laws of different global markets.

LuckCash can be used as a form of payment for players in regions where betting with money may be difficult, and can be used to purchase items in the Luckbox VIP store. It also reduces the cost of payment processing for the customer and the company itself.

LuckProfit, on the other hand, is available to qualified investors at a ratio of 1:1, enabling purchasers the chance to earn rights towards 20% of the company’s profit.

What eSports Can You Bet on at Luckbox?

Luckbox will provide members with the opportunity to place bets on a number of different eSports events, across the biggest games in the eSports world.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends (LoL), Overwatch, and more will all be included in the Lucbox fixtures. If you have your favourite teams – TeamLiquid,OpTic Gaming etc. – you will be able to place bets on them using Luckbox, and watch their teams compete in real-time.

Luckbox’s platform will cater to customers that want to wager on eSports in events around the world, including China and South Korea. It will be made to offer eSports fans the most engaging design and presentation, with the team behind Luckbox passionate about delivering all the features fans could want.

The Luckbox casino will include traditional casino games, presented in a style fans will feel a stronger connection to (as opposed to more generic online casinos).

Another benefit Luckbox offers is live streaming of eSports events, providing betters with full real-time video of tournaments and other matches as they unfold. Though there are already places fans can watch these events on live streams, Luckbox will serve as a hub for eSports followers, providing all they could want under one (virtual) roof.

Is Luckbox Bitcoin the only Currency to Use?

Bitcoin is perhaps the most well-known crypto-currency, providing users with freedom from banks and governments when spending their money. Rather than having to pay significant banking charges and waiting as long as a few days to process transactions, Luckbox BitCoin users can enjoy low-cost, instant processing in the majority of cases once they sign up.

Uses of Bitcoin simply need to set up a bitcoin wallet and buy Luckbox bitcoin before they can start wagering, after completing their Luckbox registration. Luckbox bitcoin will enable its members to use this crypto-currency for greater privacy and lower fees, but it will accept alternative crypto-currencies, too.

However, Luckbox will expand its reach even further by welcoming traditional currencies and payment methods too. This is intrinsic to their aim to be open to anyone who wants to bet on eSports events, and minimizes the risk of potential customers being unable to bet according to regional regulations or financial preferences.

If you are interested in seeing what other brands offer, we recommend visiting Betchain.

Paying with In-Game Skins at Luckbox

Beyond cryptocurrencies and standard forms of money / payment methods, Luckbox will allow customers to make transactions using in-game items (such as skins).

Virtual items which can be applied to games have the power to transform the player’s experience, such as granting extra abilities or skills, and they carry real value. Luckbox will give customers the freedom and flexibility to transact bets using in-game items of diverse values.

They will be fully-regulated and operating completely in compliance with the law, ensuring anyone looking to transact with in-game items can rest assured of their security and protection. It’s an innovative feature of the Luckbox platform, and shows considerable foresight that bodes well for the platform’s future.

Luckbox will provide full customer support too, so anyone with betting questions gets the help they need.

Luckbox Review: Conclusion

Luckbox is set to become a powerful addition to the online betting industry, providing a unique platform that is fully licensed and regulated to accept real-money transactions in eSports wagering.

Integrating payments for bitcoin and cryptocurrency caters to the most tech-savvy, forward-thinking customers, and helps the Luckbox eSports betting platform stand out from its competitors even more.

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